Here at FrameFun, we’re working hard to bring you picture framing equipment, picture framing supplies, framing products and framing machines that you want. That’s why were constantly updating our range with new products, frame services, picture frame equipment and picture framing supplies.

We supply and install new picture framing machines and framing equipment at highly competitive rates. Why not give us a go for your picture framing supplies.

  • Cassese double mitre saws, underpinners and wedges (V-Nails)
  • Alfamacchine double mitre saws, underpinners and wedges (V-Nails) 
  • Morso mitre cutting machines/guillotines
  • FrameFun picture framing guns, tab guns, flexi points, rigid points
  • Gunnar mountcutters and gunnar consumables
  • Omer framing guns, staples and brads
  • Fletcher-Terry Mount cutters, Panel cutters, framemaster, fleximaster and more
  • Logan Semi Professional range mat cutters for the hobby/semi pro framer 
  • Harwi panel saws, saw benches and cross cut
  • Bambi compressors
  • ABAC compressors
  • Gilders Paste wax based wood colouring
  • Stretcher Bars Bespoke made and to your size, solid pine.
  • The Quickmate Manual Canvas Stretching, canvas stretching machine
  • Glass and backing board, MDF
  • Sealey, Compressors, Air Products and Workshop Tools